Family Guidebook


“I feel like I don’t have to focus on having to fix whatever is going on with my wife and become defensive when I cannot fix it … because we have a focus on being equal and both responsible for fixing the challenges and growing the relationship.”
-Mr. and Mrs. Smith

“The marriage council is very helpful. It’s helpful to really know what is going on with each other.”
-Mr. and Mrs. Peterson

“I feel my husband knows more about me through the marriage councils and knows me better. … it’s working out really well.”
-Mr. and Mrs. Sanford

“I really like that we can set goals together as a couple.”
-Mrs. Luing

“The marriage council provides a structure for us to grow our marriage.”
-Mr. Lee

“The marriage council really helps us focus on non-threatening ways to accomplish our goals and discuss what we agree and disagree on. It was helpful for us to keep a timer and stop our council when the timer goes off. It helps to do it in a formal setting. We are feeling more comfortable counseling with each other in our council the more we do it. We both are evaluating the areas we are working on together in a more effective way.”
-Mr and Mrs. Knight

“We really like the marriage council idea. I think we are moving forward in our relationship and want to get better as we working together in the council.”
-Mr. and Mrs. Green

“I feel like I am more committed to my marriage now rather than sitting on the sidelines and holding back emotionally because I’m afraid my husband will not be supportive. With the marriage council, I now know my husband and I can both share freely in our marriage contributing as equal partners.”
-Mrs. Carter

“These truths you have taught me are profound and powerful.”
-Mrs. Hardman

“We did the marriage councils and it worked out great. Items get discussed instead of pushed aside now. I really like it a lot…I feel we’ve come a long way in our marriage in a short amount of time because we are both putting in the effort.”
-Mr. and Mrs. McAlister

“We really like the marriage council idea. Why didn’t we do this to begin within our marriage?”
-Mr. and Mrs. Meecham

“The last couple of weeks has been amazing. The marriage council is going well. My husband has been doing things around the home and now I have more time to focus on being a mom to the kids and time to do my school work.”
-Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence

“The marriage council has helped with our communication. My husband has more expression with his emotions and I have been able to know how he feels and be able to feel close to him. There is more calm in our relationship. Doing the council adds stability to our relationship and now we are working on somethings. I feel there is another layer and deepness to our relationship now.”
-Mr. and Mrs. Adelizzi



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